H2S Consulting and Design, LLC. was founded in 2015 by a mechanical engineering graduate out of the needs of small businesses in the area. Initially providing computer repair and networking services, the company quickly expanded to include mechanical design services.

What quickly became apparent was the need to educate the business owners we served on what technology would support their company objectives, both now and in the future. Either the businesses were relying on consumer grade equipment or they were spending more than they needed for a solution that was not set up to fulfill their business needs.

After seeing this time and time again, H2S Consulting and Design, LLC. shifted gears to designing integrated systems to solve individual company needs. Too often business owners are sold a product by being convinced their company has a problem the product can fix. While that may be true in a small percentage of cases, the truth is, a cookie cutter solution is not the best for many small- to mid-sized businesses.

As the founder advanced his own passions, he brought to the organization a background in transformational coaching. You may be wondering why this is an asset. In the process of assessing the needs of a company, there is often a lack of clarity in the direction of the company. The principals of coaching can be highly effective in helping a business owner clarify and determine where they want to take the company. This in turn gives H2S Consulting and Design, LLC. a vision of the future so the right integrated solution can be designed and implemented.

Having an effective technology structure in place also allows the focus to be turned inward to the operations of the company. Many small- and mid-sized business owners are really business operators. What often occurs, is the business operator is too busy running the day-to-day operations that the long-term vision is clouded or lost. This means opportunities to increase efficiency and increase profitability are missed. H2S Consulting and Design, LLC. is prepared to help through coaching, strategy, and insight.

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
Humza Shamsuddin